Acupuncture, Electric Stimulation, Chinese Herbs

Marilyn Burdekin is a participating provider in the BC/BS and Cigna networks.
Inner Courtyard provides acupuncture, moxibustion, electrical stimulation and chinese herbs. As a RN in Western medicine for many years, she has a unique way of looking at signs and symptoms through the lens of chinese medicine.  Chinese medicine nudges your body, mind and spirit back towards healing.
“My own experience of acupuncture” is what motivated me to go and learn this medicine.  I originally went to acupuncture for insomnia and grief after the loss of a family member.  Yes.  It did help with these aspects of my life.
The more fascinating aspect of treatment is that other things went away that I had not shared with my acupuncturist.  My symptoms of  plantar fascittis, sciatica, and sinusitis went away. A new understanding of what is holistic healing began to dawn on me.
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